Online instant cash transfer without verification transfer

The option of loans via the internet is more and more often used by people who are not able to obtain a traditional bank loan. It is also much more convenient than standing in queues and filling in countless documents, which significantly extends the time needed to get cash.

The necessary formalities without leaving your home


The instant check-out allows you to do all the necessary formalities without leaving your home , but to avoid fraud, many companies require confirmation of their identity. Such verification is performed by sending a scan of ID card or bank transfer, which is a good protection against a dishonest customer. Is it possible to circumvent this procedure?

The verification process by transfer is a secure solution that effectively prevents dishonest practices. Sometimes, however, it happens that the bank account is completely empty and even has a negative balance, which prevents the transfer of even a symbolic penny to finish taking the internet payday loan.

Good Finance has introduced the service for their clients ,

Good Finance has introduced the service for their clients ,

Thanks to which we do not have to either send a scan of the proof or make a transfer.

After filling out the form and selecting the loan parameters, we will be redirected to our bank’s website using the application. After logging into the account, the data will be automatically verified, which will allow the finalization of the loan process.

Kontomatik is a service that allows you to verify your identity by logging into your bank’s website, but it does not authorize it to download data. All information is confidential and protected by additional safeguards, and in addition Kontomatik does not download or store it.

Is online payday service without transfer secure?


The instant instant payment only requires checking your identity by verifying the data on the form with the bank account details, so there is no possibility that this information will flow out further.

Good Finance cares about the reliability of services provided and the safety of users , which is why we can use the option of verification without transfer without fear.

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