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As the data from the Central Statistical Office show, our average monthly expenses are increasing steadily from year to year. In 2017, each family spent an average of PLN 1,176 on one person, of which PLN 1,127 is the cost of consumer goods and services. What can you do to reduce this sum? How to better manage your home budget?

Financial situation of Polish families


Average expenditure at the level of PLN 1,176 (per one person) may seem a relatively small amount, however, if we combine this number with the level of the average monthly disposable income per person, which in 2017 was PLN 1,598, we will get a difference of slightly over PLN 400 . Approximately as much (per person) the average Polish family can save monthly .

The above calculations indicate that in a crisis situation, when a greater amount of money is needed to cover urgent expenses, an obvious problem arises. However, this problem can be easily solved by opting for a non-bank loan online from Ɓ, for the required amount and a specified repayment date.

Payday loans are an important help in a difficult financial situation

Payday loans are an important help in a difficult financial situation

But sometimes it is enough to rationalize the household budget and introduce a few changes thanks to which we will be able to increase our monthly savings. Small changes in shopping habits can be extremely helpful in this matter. What changes are these?

First of all, when making purchasing decisions, we should reach for the so-called own brands available in individual retail chains or simply cheaper equivalents of the same products. The difference between them and branded products is often only apparent and consists in changing the graphic design of the packaging.

Ways to reduce expenses


Whenever shopping, regardless of what we buy, we should use previously prepared shopping lists . This simple procedure allows us to protect ourselves from buying products completely unnecessary for us, selected only on the impulse of a momentary impulse.

Finally, a simple but important note – we should never go to the store with an empty stomach . Although this may seem unbelievable, studies have confirmed that in such a situation we are inclined to buy a much larger number of products without the necessary reflection.

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