Online instant cash transfer without earnings certificates

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a bank loan is the way these institutions verify their clients. Reflexively reaching into the credit history found in BIK also often excludes those who in reality would not have any problems with paying off their liabilities. Fortunately for them, verification of creditworthiness in loan companies is done on a much simpler basis.  

Rigid banking procedures


Due to the way they operate, banks are reminiscent of huge financial machines based on rigid data, calculations and schemes. An incoming customer is subject to verification according to a set template , which is to minimize, or even exclude the risk that he will not be able to repay the contract.

In the case of loans, borrowings and even credit cards, the so-called own contribution, i.e. the client’s current financial resources, and analysis of his creditworthiness based, among others, on information collected in the BIK (Credit Information Bureau) or other similar institutions.

The bank’s rigid verification rules

Quick customer verification

Exclude many people from the group of potential customers who, in fact, would not have any problems repaying their liabilities. The lack of a credit history alone is enough to reject the credit or loan application. And this is not the end of the verification.

People applying for a loan at a bank must submit a whole bunch of documents certifying that they will be able to fulfill the contract concluded with the bank, including a statement of earnings.

Quick customer verification

Quick customer verification

It is different in the case of most loan companies, which mainly verify their clients’ data (loan on proof), usually using the

method , i.e. using a bank account. What counts above all is how the customer meets his company’s repayment obligations and, not always, what his credit history is.

And the lack of credit history absolutely does not delete anyone. Loan companies also do not require any certification, be it earnings or other, and all verification is carried out quickly and without unnecessary formalities.

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