Ask Matt: Why do they want me to take an assessment test?


Dear Matt: I recently participated in a few interviews where I had to take an assessment test. I was not prepared for this. Why do companies use reviews, what are the most popular reviews, and what role do they play when businesses are hiring?

Matt says: It’s important to understand why a business would use an assessment, also known as a pre-employment test. Remember, a company’s goal when it comes to hiring is to add talent to its team. It will therefore use all possible measures or resources during recruitment and hiring.

“The purpose of an assessment is to give clients a clear picture of who you are as a candidate,” says Nikki François, recruiter at CorTalent (, a recruitment and human resources company based in Minnetonka. “It is difficult for employers to learn everything about a candidate during the interview process.”

For example, CorTalent is an authorized distributor of Prevue Assessment. In this assessment, hiring managers can customize a benchmark to highlight the preferred skills, traits, and characteristics they would like to see in a candidate. It measures a person’s cognitive abilities, motivations, interests and personality in relation to a specific job opportunity. Other popular assessments include the DISC, Profiles International, and Caliper.

Even if you know you need to take an assessment, it’s usually not something you can study for, explains Francois. However, it is important to respond honestly, and not in the way you think the employer wants you to respond. For example, Prevue assessments measure abilities, interests, motivations, and personality characteristics; there are no wrong answers.

Some companies ask or require candidates to perform on-site assessments during the interview process, while others will ask candidates to do so during their free time. Some tests monitor validity and can tell if you were trying to influence responses to what you thought the hiring manager wanted to see. Therefore, it is important to take these reviews seriously and respond honestly.

If you are looking for a job, the reviews can seem overwhelming. The important thing is to see them as an opportunity to show the employer the real you. Sometimes the personalities, motivations and interests, skills or culture just don’t match, but that’s okay because it’s really about finding the best fit for you personally and the best for the business. .

“Some reviews may seem like overkill, but keep in mind that the company you are interviewing is investing in making the right hiring decision,” explains Francois, “which usually means they are also interested in investing. in its employees. “



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