Blueboard CEO lists his favorite interview questions


Millions of workers have quit their jobs in the past few months alone, meaning employers will have a strong list of candidates to interview as people search for their next place to work.

But how can companies know which candidates will stay loyal to their business and help them create a healthy and balanced corporate culture? Taylor Smith, co-founder and CEO of the Blueboard employee experiential rewards platform, says it starts with employers rethinking the candidate experience to align with company values.

“The candidate’s experience should reflect what it is like to work in the company,” says Smith. “This is why Blueboard is a fan of the term ‘adding culture’ instead of ‘converting to culture’ – it’s important to our company values ​​that you bring your own energy, your own personality and your own. own gifts in our culture.

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Smith believes that these values ​​should especially be reflected in interview questions. For example, Blueboard prioritizes employees who get to work fully, build meaningful relationships in the workplace, and engage in meaningful work. In turn, Blueboard asks candidates questions that offer insight into how potential recruits would interact and add to those values, Smith explains.

With that in mind, here are Smith’s top five interview questions that make the hiring process more efficient.


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