Chandigarh: Assessment test for students in classes VI-VIII on September 26, 27 | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: The education department will perform an assessment test for classes VI-VIII on WhatsApp to know the outcome of online learning. The test is scheduled for September 26 and 27. Guidelines in this regard have been issued by the ministry to principals of all public schools.
However, unlike before when the test was done through the Google form, this time the tests will be sent via WhatsApp, in the same way that homework or worksheets are sent.
The test will contain 40 questions (10 math questions, 10 science questions, 10 social studies questions, and 10 English questions) in one booklet. The maximum marks for the test will be 80. Each question will be awarded 2 points. There will be fills, one word answers, short answers, sequences. Students will be given appropriate instructions on the allotted time i.e. 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Teachers will share the Chandigarh Assessment Booklet (CAS) with students at the scheduled time. Corrections will be provided to teachers immediately after the test.
Each topic should be done on a separate sheet. The images of the test taken by the students, with regard to the subject, should be returned to the subject teacher for correction and the class teacher will compile and keep the file for the four subjects. The teachers will have two days for the correction and the preparation of the files of their respective classes.
Teachers have been advised that appropriate instructions must be given to students to attempt the test.
The total number of participating students must be communicated to the relevant CRC before the end of the second day in the format indicated by the department.


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