Dhar district teacher assessment test faces teacher challenge


Bagh / Sardarpur (Dhar district): The order from the education department of public schools to have teachers take an assessment test on December 27 and 28 began to face opposition from a rural area in Malwa region. and Nimar.

Teachers in a rural block in Dhar district have raised their voices against the government’s decision saying it is an insult to teachers who have been involved in the teaching profession for decades.

Previously, the department had decided to take a test for teachers in schools where students in classes X and XII had not performed well and had been invited to take a test at the end of which their orientation will be made. .

In Sardapur tehsil in Dhar district, teachers submitted a memorandum to the bloc’s education official addressing the chief minister and demanded that the exam be canceled.

Tribal Welfare Teachers Association General Secretary Shirin Qureshi and Block Unit Chairman Gaurav Nigwal said the score for the Excellence School and the Model School is around 70-80 for hundred, but there are few teachers in the school who have been invited to participate in the test. saying that the names of teachers were listed among those who did not perform well.

Teachers demand an investigation of the gap and demand an apology for teachers at the top school, model school and other high schools with exam scores over 40%.

In addition, recruiting high schools that are not directly related to board exams are included in this exam. Qureshi states that there has been a serious lack of educational facilities and despite this the teachers are doing their best.

Dhar District Bagh Village Government Teachers Submit Memorandum to Block Education Officer in Dhar Bagh District | Shiv Parihar

Likewise in Bagh Block of Dhar District, teachers raised their voices and submitted a memorandum to Education Officer of Block Veerbhan Singh Mandloi. The president of the teachers’ association, Dharmendra Thakur, accusing the state government of mentally torturing teachers, said the order to appear for such an exam is not only an insult to teachers, but an offense. mental torture for thousands of teachers.

Thakur said that only teachers can not be blamed for the poor results. Several teaching posts are vacant in many schools. The imperative to get students up to grade 1-8 is responsible for poor high school exam results and high school also responsible for the same. He called on the government to revoke the compulsory retirement order for 16 teachers with immediate effect. These 16 state public school teachers (the schools that scored the worst in class X and XII exams in the 2018-2019 academic session) failed to qualify for two exams held for teachers in June and October of this year were put into compulsory retirement by the government.

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Posted on: Thursday December 24, 2020 4:18 PM IST


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