How to answer difficult interview questions


Succeed in your next job interview by properly preparing for the unexpected. Here’s how to deal with some potentially damaging issues while still doing your best.

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Many of our employees are millennials. Do you think you can work with such a young group of employees?

This question is inappropriate because it emphasizes age and encourages the candidate to bring up this topic without asking them directly. This can be seen as a slightly ‘sneaky’ way to trick the person into revealing their age or making them feel uncomfortable. “When asked this question, the interviewee should avoid discussing age differences, but rather promote their ability to work with all their colleagues,” suggests Peggy Caruso, personal and executive development coach at Life Coaching and Beyond. , LLC. “One person needs to understand that each group has its own approach to life, careers and relationships. Once they have passed on, they will understand the unique aspects of the millennial generation, they will be able to demonstrate how they can work effectively with them. Beware of these clear signs that you can’t trust your boss.

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Sometimes we need employees to work on the weekends. Would this affect your religious practice?

This question is inappropriate (and illegal) because companies cannot accept or reject job applicants based on their religious beliefs. Caruso explains, “Avoid talking about details about your religion and show your willingness to accommodate any reasonable schedule needed to meet the job requirements. Keep your spiritual beliefs separate from the workplace.


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