Pvt PU College to Conduct Self-Assessment Test for Faculty | Mangaluru News


Mangaluru: The management of a private college in Mangaluru decided to conduct a self-assessment test for faculty members. Indeed, teachers have been confined to online courses for a year and a half due to the pandemic and have not taught in a classroom environment for many months.
“This assessment test will give each faculty member an idea of ​​where they stand and what improvements are needed. The test will verify the academic knowledge of faculty members, ”said the vice president of the foundation that manages the educational institution. It is being performed for the college faculty for the first time, and a few have already passed the test.
The president said college professors did not teach in a classroom environment and were confined to their homes. Online courses were delivered using Power Point presentations and other modern teaching methods. “So the self-assessment will do a SWOT analysis and highlight strengths and weaknesses,” the vice president said.
A written test is included in the assessment. The faculty will also have to take a course, which will be monitored remotely by a panel of experts. The jury will assess the performance of the teachers and they will have to pass an interview with the jury after the course. The exercise will be private and its findings will not be published.
Apart from this, the self-assessment will also help promote new teachers to higher positions. “A faculty member who has less teaching experience may have more ability than a senior faculty member. Some faculties stagnate after a certain period in the field of education. The test will help us promote young teachers to take higher courses or be coached for competitive tests such as NEET, JEE or CET. This is an opportunity for each faculty member to learn about their capabilities in the field of teaching, ”said the vice president.


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