Ten Illegal Interview Questions And How To Answer Them


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Interviews can be a daunting experience. Obviously, you want to impress the person interviewing you, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that you, as a potential employee, also have a right to ask questions or raise concerns if a border has been crossed. You might not know it, but there are some questions that a potential employer isn’t legally able to ask you during an interview. This certainly doesn’t stop some people from trying, so it’s important to know what some of these questions are and how you should answer them if they happen in an interview!

Ten illegal interview questions you have every right not to answer

• Any questions regarding your sexual orientation or gender identity. It has no relation to your professional skills, professional conduct or employment history, and it is totally inappropriate, illegal and immoral to ask in an interview.

• Ask if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or any other fertility questions. It’s not anyone’s business in a potential new office, whether or not you’re pregnant or trying to have a baby, and you don’t have to respond.

• Citizenship issues. Asking whether or not you are proficient in English is considered acceptable when it comes to work. However, asking where you are from or what your country of origin is is against the law.


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