UPPSC PCS Interview Questions: What are the Engineering Holes of the Bundelkhand Highway Collapse?


UPPSC PCS Interview Questions: On Monday, the fourth day of the ongoing interview at the Uttar Pradesh Civil Service Commission for PCS 2021, the interview committee asked candidates contemporary questions and assessed their reasoning ability. Asked a candidate: “What are the engineering holes in the Bundelkhand highway collapse? In Prayagraj last month, the question was asked, adding to the rowdiness after Friday prayers – “Who built the Atala Masjid, tell its historical significance?”

The council asked a candidate: ‘Chief Minister says program benefits are reaching the bottom tier. What is this low level?’ Another candidate was asked the name of the district in UP that got the maximum wheat under the MSP. The question was asked about Rishi Sunak that if he became Prime Minister of Britain what would be the effect on India?, the council asked a candidate if Uttar Pradesh should be split into four parties ? If yes, why, if not why?, it was also asked to mention two shortcomings of the administration of Uttar Pradesh. The weather question was why is the iceberg melting? What steps is the government taking in its defence? The council asked another interesting question – what technique is used in Dhoni helicopter shooting?

CM is visiting, your child is sick, what will you do?
Several questions were asked to test the candidates’ decision-making ability. The council asked a woman candidate – “You are the SDM of a district and the chief minister is visiting your area”. You have to go and your child is very sick. How are you going to deal with this situation?’, You are a woman, have you ever felt discrimination against yourself at home, with a loved one, in society, at school?, You have studied engineer, then why do you want to do social service? Is it necessary to become SDM for social service?

Questions asked during the interview:
How do you see India’s role in the Sri Lankan crisis?

How will the Russian-Ukrainian war affect the whole world? Clarify your thoughts?
Which countries touch the border with Ukraine?

What is money laundering. Explain?
Which district does the Ganges first enter in Uttar Pradesh?

Who was the world’s first female prime minister?
Which state grants a 50% reserve to women in Panchayat elections in India?

What is the difference between latitude and longitude?
Is imperialism the highest level of capitalism? Share your opinion?

Explain in detail the economic and political method of Kautilya?



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